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HORSCH program for the winter season

The established event series HORSCH Live is entering a new round in 2024. The popular HORSCH Seminars, too, will also finally take place again. Originally, HORSCH Live was a replacement for the HORSCH Seminars during the Covid 19 pandemic. In winter 2024, both formats will be available for the first time.

Under the motto “Weather extremes – Can state-of-the-art production technology counter them?” HORSCH Live enters a new round in January. In 2024, too, the audience can look forward to four exciting speeches about current topics. They will be streamed as an event series starting at the 15th January every Monday evening from 7.30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

HORSCH Live event series

The series starts on the 15th January with the topic “Wheat cultivation under increasing weather extremes – Why singulate?” The speaker Prof. Dr. Hansgeorg Schönberger is the founder of the consulting company N.U. Agrar GmbH. As a crop care consultant, he made a name for himself all over Europa. Moreover, he is an assistant professor at the department Agriculture, Nutritional Sciences and Agricultural Development at the University of Applied Sciences of Saxony-Anhalt.
On 22nd January, the second speech is held by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Bauer from the HSWT Triesdorf about the topic “25 years of site-specific technology – Does the climate change compel the implementation?” Prof Bauer studied at the University of Hohenheim and did his doctor’s degree at the IPK. At the HSWT, he is the head of the departments Crop Cultivation, Plant Protection and Grassland as well as of the Biomass Institute.
On 29th January, Dr. Ludwig Lichtenegger will speak about “Alternating wet and dry periods – How does potash work in the plant and in the soil?” He is a regional K + S consultant in Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. He studied horticultural sciences with a focus on crop cultivation at the Technical University of Munich in Weihenstephan. The topic of his doctorate was “Breeding for Resistance”.


15st January 19:30 Uhr:
Wheat cultivation under increasing weather extremes – Why singulate? –  Prof. Dr. Hansgeorg Schönberger

22nd January 19:30 Uhr:
25 years of site-specific technology – Does the climate change compel the implementation?? –  Prof. Dr. Bernhard Bauer

29st January 19:30 Uhr:
Alternating wet and dry periods – How does potash work in the plant and in the soil?  –  Dr. Ludwig Lichtenegger

05st February 19:30 Uhr:
Humus management and biodiversity – What is feasible? – Prof. Dr. Georg Guggenberger

21st February:
HORSCH Seminar Linstow

21st March:
HORSCH Seminar Schwandorf

The final speaker of the event series is Prof. Dr. Georg Guggenberger. On 05th February, he speaks about the topic “Humus management and biodiversity – What is feasible?” Among others, the research focus of the geologist and head of the Institute of Soil Science at the Leibniz University Hanover is on transformation and stabilisation processes of the organic soil substance, mineral-organic associations, plant-mycorrhiza interface as well as nitrogen-carbon interrelation in the soil.

HORSCH Seminars

The HORSCH Seminars have a long tradition and since 2001 have been held every year. After the Covid 19 break, the seminars will take place again face-to-face in 2024. Experts will speak about current topics. Moreover, the participants can take the opportunity for an intensive exchange and interesting discussions with like-minded people. The first seminar will take place in Linstow on 21st February 2024. On 21st March 2024, HORSCH organises a seminar at the main site at Schwandorf. Please save the date. We will communicate the topics as soon as possible. Registration is requested as the number of participants will be limited.