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Dear readers

Different topics that have been accompanying us for years are becoming more concrete, more and more established, or normal.

We have been talking about the climate change for years. This year, too, we can feel the consequences: after a good start for winter crops – cool and wet until mid-May – there now is another drought in many regions of Western Europe. In the Corn Belt in the US, the weather pattern is rather similar: cold and wet in late spring and now a continuing drought. Already today we know that there will be yield losses in many regions.

The Ukraine-Russia-War continues without any changes. There is no end in sight. This also will affect the grain 

The climate change forces us to work on rotations and new cultivation systems. Environmentally conscious methods become normal. Farmers are looking for creative solutions to be able to run their farms economically. In the terraHORSCH, we will present you some of these approaches.

Enjoy reading this new issue.

Cornelia Horsch