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HORSCH Practice Camp - Practical training and intensive exchange

HORSCH relies on a strong and positive relationship with its sales partners. Therefore, the annual practice camps are used as an opportunity for an intensive exchange with the sales staff and product managers of the HORSCH sales partners.

In an informal and relaxed atmosphere, we look at the machines and their functions together, work out ideas and discuss about the practical use in the field. The objective is that the sales teams of the sales partners get to know the machines in practice so that they know exactly what they are talking about when they talk to the customers. Meeting at eye level with an open dialogue is the basis of the camps, for this is the only way we can develop together and shape the future of agriculture. We try to convey specialist knowledge and at the same benefit ourselves from the experiences and ideas of the participants. According to our motto: Together for a healthy agriculture.

Our training courses are as different as the seasons and their requirements. In winter, when the weather and the soil conditions do not allow for being out in the field, we meet in our training centre. Here, the focus is on theoretical knowledge, and we provide more detailed information about our price lists and technical innovations. As soon as vegetation starts again in spring, we go out into the fields where theory meets practice and we can see the machines working. Both in our trainings in winter and in the practice camps we focus on interaction and deal with individual topics and questions. We do not offer front-of-class teaching but rather discuss and talk with our sales partners. This results in a constructive and animate exchange we all can learn from. The numerous ideas and new perspectives help us to constantly improve our machines and, if necessary, to adapt them to the specific market conditions and develop them further. For our sales partners are in direct contact with our customer and know their challenges and requirements.

„Living technology“

At our company headquarters, the Sitzenhof in Schwandorf, we have enough space to test our machines live and show them directly in the field. Thus, the participants can see the machines in action, test them and contribute their questions and ideas right there in the field.

This year’s practice camp: crop care technology

The topic of crop care is very important to us as we as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery have a responsibility for sustainable farming. Our Leeb crop care sprayers, whether the trailed 3-point or the self-propelled sprayers, meet the highest requirements on research, design and development as well as on assembly, service and advice. We constantly depend on the ideas and suggestions of our sales partners and customers. This year’s practice camp was all about the topic crop care technology. The focus was on important technical aspects: the filling area with application-oriented handling and powerful induction tank as well as the standard continuous inside cleaning system and, of course, our well-proven boom control system BoomControl. We were able to test all this in the field in detail and put the machines to the acid test. The HORSCH product marketing team was available with information and for any kind of questions and presented all aspects as well as their function on site. The participants, thus, were able to observe, assess and test the machines directly in the field. The advantages of a continuous inside cleaning system for example was visualised by a practical experiment with beetroot juice. The participants could watch how the juice turned into a transparent liquid during the cleaning process. The discussions and dialogues were marked by a lively exchange and constructive criticism where especially the participants exchanged ideas and shared their experiences. This is what makes up the charm of mixed groups as the momentum from the participants spurs and pushes the whole training.

Our practice camps last two to three days and are intended for small groups of approx. 15 participants depending on the topic with regional and international partners. In addition to a mere technical part and the exchange of knowledge and experience there, of course, are common activities and events. Whether it is karting or a cosy get-together in the evening, the participants can continue to exchange and talk shop. Team building is very important. A personal contact is established, and the sales partner like to use the opportunity to network in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is our objective that the participants of the practice camp feel optimally informed and that they will attend the next trainings, too. This is why we asked some participants to give us their feedback:

Name of the sales manager: Jan Jansen
Name of the sales partner: W. Doormann & Kopplin GmbH & Co. KG
Sales area: 
Schleswig-Holstein (Plön / Ostholstein / Segeberg / Kiel / Rendsburg / Lübeck / Lauenburg)

How long have you been selling HORSCH machines? I have been working in sales since December 2022, but I already have experience in the service sector with HORSCH since August 2017.

What did you expect from the training? I wanted to learn more about the HORSCH Leeb CS, which arguments I can use when talking to a customer and how you practically use the Leeb CS.

What are your impressions, thoughts and experiences now that you are leaving? I went home from the training with a lot of positive impressions. I am looking forward to which technologies are waiting for us in the future.

Were you satisfied with the training, and would you want to come back? I was very satisfied with the HORSCH training and will, of course, attend the next trainings.

Name of the sales manager: Garry Françon
Name of the sales partner: SAS Manager
Sales area: Occitania (in the south-west of France)

How long have you been selling HORSCH machines? For one year

What did you expect from the training? I expected a high-class, technical training with a lot of details about the product characteristics and strong arguments I can use in sales.

What are your impressions, thoughts and experiences now that you are leaving? I was very satisfied with the information about the technical details and the key arguments to give the customers a better understanding of the important advantages of the new Leeb CS.

Were you satisfied with the training, and would you want to come back? Yes, I was very satisfied with this training, and I will, of course, attend the next training.