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Dear readers

This issue of terraHORSCH will take you once again to different continents and you will meet farmers with creative ideas.

Magazines can report and inform, but what is still missing are their own observations, the direct exchange, the questions and answers and the experience of something new. In the past months we learned the hard way what this means that we cannot meet in person.

After eight months of lockdown everyone is looking forward to the lifting of the regulations and the direct contact. The HORSCH Le Café is open again and a lot of employees return to the office from their home-working place. They take the opportunity to finally meet the colleagues from their own but also from other departments in person.

On-site trainings start again at last, and farmers can come to attend events at Sitzenhof, in Landau or Kněžmost. Our life goes back to normal.

We learned a lot during this time. We use digital media like we never did before, and we will surely re-position ourselves from an organisational point of view. Covid-19 will take a back seat and we can focus again on interesting topics like climate, environment, healthy soil and plants, animal welfare, healthy food and supply chain act.

Enjoy reading this issue of terraHORSCH. Have a good harvest.
I hope to see you soon!


Cornelia Horsch