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Dear Readers

In the past weeks Corona was ever-present and defined our lives. In the farming sector we fortunately mastered the last weeks without any major cutbacks – at least in the regions where we are active. The image of farming in society has changed a little bit – at least for a short time. People now understand that agriculture is necessary to guarantee their supply. We need high-quality, healthy and affordable food. It is produced by modern farmers. For us farmers this the chance to further improve our image. Let’s work on it together.

As we cannot go abroad because of the travel restrictions, terraHORSCH will take you to the most different countries – quite comfortably at your desk: Come with us to Poland, France, Austria, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Australia and Canada. We cover interesting farms and companies and describe informative research results and new approaches.

What we as HORSCH miss most, is the direct contact to our customers. In normal years the spring and early summer are the times when we hold our practical field days, receive many visitors at our different sites and exchange intensely with our customers. To keep at it, it is essential to think about the future of agriculture, of farming and about new methods to convert it into innovative technology. According to the latest Corona news events are allowed again – at least to a limited extent. I cordially invite you to visit us – in Landau, at Sitzenhof or even in Knežmost! Contact us by e-mail: visitors@horsch.com

Enjoy reading this issue of terraHORSCH. I wish you a good harvest. But first and foremost I hope that we will meet again soon in person.

Cornelia Horsch