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Dear Readers


In 1969, Brunhilde and Dankwart Horsch together with their children moved to the Sitzenhof as tenants. This was 50 years ago and it is a reason to celebrate and take a look back. 50 years at Sitzenhof also means 50 years of cultivation without a plough. And though the family at that time often was laughed at because of their vision of the healthy soil, it is exactly this idea that today matters more than ever. The vision remained the same, but still – or perhaps because – a lot has happened at Gut Sitzen hof during these 50 years: two commercial enterprises developed from an agricultural farm: the HORSCH Maschinen GmbH and BinTec (storage and conveyor technology). The agricultural farm still exists and, in the meantime, has specialised in arable farming.


The changes in the agricultural sector but also in our society happen faster and faster. We as a company prepare for this. For several years, beside a lot of technical topics, we have also been working on mechanical weed control to find solutions for the requirements of the farmers. It is important for us to test the machines on our own farm AgroVation in the Czech Republic, but also to maintain an intensive contact and exchange with customers all over the world.

After nine years of terraHORSCH it also was time for a change. We revised the layout and made it more reader- friendly. Moreover, we extended the number of languages. Today terraHORSCH appears in nine languages and has a print run of more than 50,000 copies. However, despite the new design the objective of terraHORSCH remains the well-proven one: convey interesting information to our customers, give them insights all over the world and thus create a customer network.

Enjoy reading the latest issue of terraHORSCH!


Cornelia Horsch